A leading Industrial-Construction group enters a new market



A leading Industrial-Construction group comprising mining, manufacturing and real estate development companies that prides itself on innovation and scale.

The company has been very well-known for mining and manufacturing, but wasn’t associated with the Real Estate Development – the market it decided to enter. The management and the Marketing team were looking for new solutions to present buyers of their first project the firm’s property ideas in a way that will allow them to stand out from the competition.


Frontvisual worked together with the company to develop a 3D visualization solution that was based on the latest gaming technology and allowed to really stand out in terms of the visual quality and interaction experience. The project was realized on large touch screens that was used in the Sales Offices and attracted a lot of attention during conferences and events thus helping to spread the intended message to potential buyers and industry experts. The company’s Sales team also came up with an idea of using the screens in the big shopping malls to attract new prospects by allowing them to explore the real estate complex in the interactive fashion and then register their interest for follow up meetings with the Sales team. The idea worked well allowing the company to receive several hundred new leads and subsequently acquire new customers.