Leading Real Estate Development firm improves Sales process and enhances interaction experience with their buyers

KAN Development


A rapidly growing property development firm with the international recognition and a solid portfolio of completed Residential and Commercial projects.

The company has been working on developing of a large and complex residential complex in “the city in the city” format comprising of mid-rise buildings with its own infrastructure, such as shops, cafes, a supermarket, schools, nurseries, fitness clubs, playgrounds and recreational areas.

The complexity and the size of the complex assumed a long lifecycle of the project development with homes being sold 3-5 years before completion. The Marketing and Sales teams had to process numerous enquiries and face-to-face buyer interactions and experienced challenges with offering buyers a “full picture” of their new home and amenities. The vast amount of information regarding the infrastructure available in printed materials and digital renders wasn’t deemed easily-accessible and interactive.


Frontvisual worked in a partnership with the firm’s team to create a web-based interactive 3D solution. It helped the company’s Sales and Marketing teams to attract more qualified enquiries and provide a unique interactive online experience to their buyers, which was the primary goal of the project. After the go-live of the project the company witnessed most of its salesforce switching to the Frontvisual solution for the face-to-face and remote property demonstrations. According to the Sales managers the tool allowed them to impress buyers with the unique visualization experience and stand out from the competition. The teams also witnessed an improvement in the sales conversion as buyers always had access to positive and interactive experience with their new homes at their fingertips.