One of the biggest Innovation Parks in the CEE chooses the development concept



One of the most ambitious Innovation Center projects in the CEE region is due for completion in 2025 at which point it will host 300 companies and R&D laboratories, 15 000 tech jobs and 25 hectares of office and residential space.

During the conceptual design phase, the investor received numerous proposals for the concept from leading firms and several were shortlisted for the final selection stage. The investor wasn’t happy with static 3D render images and presentations and wanted to fully immerse into the concept ideas for such ambitious project.


Frontvisual worked together with the investor and shortlisted vendors to create a realistic 3D virtual world comprising streets, buildings and amenities that was developed in accordance with the proposed architectural concepts. The experience allowed to have a virtual walk in the streets of the Park, enter various office and residential spaces and fully assess the space, the distance and design of the buildings and infrastructure. Based on the virtual walkthroughs a clear winner emerged and the investor was able to take a well-informed decision to kickstart the project. Frontvisual have also been commissioned to launch an interactive web-visualization tool in order to offer the interactive experience to the website visitors.